Is This Site Dead?

Just asking. Is this site dead? Brandon plz tell me soon


Minecraft 1.9 Releasing February 25, 2016!

According to a source from Mojang, Minecraft’s “Combat Update” aka Minecraft 1.9, is releasing February 25, 2016.

Some features include duel wielding, the ability to respawn the enderdragon, new enchants (Frost Walker & Mending), potion arrows, et cetera. The list goes on, and on, and on.

Protection and Sharpness are nerfed in 1.9 so yeah.

PvP is changing. For better or for worse.

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Tips And Tricks – Enchant Lvl 32767 w/ Command Blocks!

If you ask the average Minecrafter what the maximum enchantment level is with command blocks, I’m pretty sure a good percentage of them will NOT know.

Well, the maximum amount is a staggering… 32767.

Yes. Thirty two thousand seven hundred sixty seven. That’s a big number. And a mouthful to say too.

But how can you get such a high enchantment level? With command blocks, of course! My advice though, is to just use only select few type of enchants. Because some enchants up to max level (32767) will cause your game to crash. (Examples: Looting, Fortune)

Others may just plain out not work. (Examples: Knockback, Silk Touch)

Alright. Let’s get to the commands.

For your epic god items? Look no further than this command:

/summon FallingSand ~ ~1 ~ {Block:redstone_block,Time:1,Riding:{id:”FallingSand”,Block:command_block,TileEntityData:{Command:”/fill ~ ~0 ~1 ~ ~-24 ~1 redstone_block”},Time:1,Riding:{id:”FallingSand”,Block:command_block,TileEntityData:{Command:setblock ~ ~3 ~1 stone},Time:1,Riding:{id:”FallingSand”,Block:command_block,TileEntityData:{Command:setblock ~ ~4 ~ command_block 0 replace {Command:fill ~ ~2 ~ ~ ~-28 ~1 air}},Time:1,Riding:{id:”FallingSand”,Block:command_block,TileEntityData:{Command:””},Time:1,Riding:{id:”FallingSand”,Block:command_block,TileEntityData:{Command:”/give @p minecraft:arrow 1 0″},Time:1,Riding:{id:”FallingSand”,Block:command_block,TileEntityData:{Command:”/n”},Time:1,Riding:{id:”FallingSand”,Block:command_block,TileEntityData:{Command:”/give @p minecraft:bow 1 0 {ench:[{id:34,lvl:32767},{id:48,lvl:32767},{id:50,lvl:32767},{id:51,lvl:32767}]}”},Time:1,Riding:{id:”FallingSand”,Block:command_block,TileEntityData:{Command:”/n”},Time:1,Riding:{id:”FallingSand”,Block:command_block,TileEntityData:{Command:”/give @p minecraft:diamond_boots 1 0 {ench:[{id:0,lvl:32767},{id:1,lvl:32767},{id:2,lvl:32767},{id:3,lvl:32767},{id:4,lvl:32767},{id:34,lvl:32767}]}”},Time:1,Riding:{id:”FallingSand”,Block:command_block,TileEntityData:{Command:”/n”},Time:1,Riding:{id:”FallingSand”,Block:command_block,TileEntityData:{Command:”/give @p minecraft:diamond_helmet 1 0 {ench:[{id:0,lvl:32767},{id:1,lvl:32767},{id:3,lvl:32767},{id:4,lvl:32767},{id:6,lvl:32767},{id:34,lvl:32767}]}”},Time:1,Riding:{id:”FallingSand”,Block:command_block,TileEntityData:{Command:”/n”},Time:1,Riding:{id:”FallingSand”,Block:command_block,TileEntityData:{Command:”/give @p minecraft:diamond_leggings 1 0 {ench:[{id:0,lvl:32767},{id:1,lvl:32767},{id:3,lvl:32767},{id:4,lvl:32767},{id:34,lvl:32767}]}”},Time:1,Riding:{id:”FallingSand”,Block:command_block,TileEntityData:{Command:”/n”},Time:1,Riding:{id:”FallingSand”,Block:command_block,TileEntityData:{Command:”/give @p minecraft:diamond_chestplate 1 0 {ench:[{id:0,lvl:32767},{id:1,lvl:32767},{id:3,lvl:32767},{id:4,lvl:32767},{id:34,lvl:32767}]}”},Time:1,Riding:{id:”FallingSand”,Block:command_block,TileEntityData:{Command:”/n”},Time:1,Riding:{id:”FallingSand”,Block:command_block,TileEntityData:{Command:”/give @p minecraft:diamond_hoe 1 0 {display:{ench:[{id:34,lvl:32767}]}”},Time:1,Riding:{id:”FallingSand”,Block:command_block,TileEntityData:{Command:”/n”},Time:1,Riding:{id:”FallingSand”,Block:command_block,TileEntityData:{Command:”/give @p minecraft:diamond_shovel 1 0 {ench:[{id:32,lvl:32767},{id:34,lvl:32767}]}”},Time:1,Riding:{id:”FallingSand”,Block:command_block,TileEntityData:{Command:”/n”},Time:1,Riding:{id:”FallingSand”,Block:command_block,TileEntityData:{Command:”/give @p minecraft:diamond_pickaxe 1 0 {ench:[{id:32,lvl:32767},{id:34,lvl:32767}]}”},Time:1,Riding:{id:”FallingSand”,Block:command_block,TileEntityData:{Command:”/n”},Time:1,Riding:{id:”FallingSand”,Block:command_block,TileEntityData:{Command:”/give @p minecraft:diamond_axe 1 0 {ench:[{id:16,lvl:32767},{id:17,lvl:32767},{id:18,lvl:32767},{id:20,lvl:32767},{id:32,lvl:32767},{id:34,lvl:32767}]}”},Time:1,Riding:{id:”FallingSand”,Block:command_block,TileEntityData:{Command:”/n”},Time:1,Riding:{id:”FallingSand”,Block:command_block,TileEntityData:{Command:”/give @p minecraft:diamond_sword 1 0 {ench:[{id:16,lvl:32767},{id:17,lvl:32767},{id:18,lvl:32767},{id:20,lvl:32767},{id:34,lvl:32767}]}”},Time:1,Riding:{id:”FallingSand”,Block:stone,Time:1}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

Well guys thanks for reading this tips and tricks post. I’ll be back with another one soon! 🙂

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– Badatgaming130
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Hello from the baggie! :)

Hey guys it’s badatgaming130 here! I’m not sure if everyone here has heard of me, so let me give you a rundown on who I am and what you’re going to see from me! 🙂

I’m a gamer who likes to have fun. I have a similar site to this that I’ve been running since 2014 (my main site, OKAYGAMING). I play Minecraft, Bloons Tower Defense 5, Clash of Clans, and from time to time, other varieties of games that I can find on my way. I write on OKAYGAMING year-round and also have a summer community where I let other authors write on my site!

But enough about my main site 😛 Let’s talk about what I do here!

While on my main site I do gaming commentaries, what I do here is different. I do cool Minecraft tips and tricks with command blocks, some that are completely, unbelievable! Oh yeah and I might do commentaries here too but probably not as often as I’ll do it on my main site 😛

I hope you guys are ready to see some of my takes on cool Minecraft commands that one can use to the funniest and awesomest advantages ever! Keep your cheats on and let’s get crazy!

Oh and I’ll leave a link to my main site if you want to contact me there 🙂

Thanks to Brandon for inviting me, I’m so hyped to be here! HYPE OUT OF SKYPEEEEEEEEEEE

Alright that’s all.

– Badatgaming130


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Upcoming Posts Page – Info

Hello and welcome again to Blog Spot! My name is Brandoboy and today i will be giving you a run-down of the new page: Upcoming Posts!

For Readers: This page is a page to show you what posts will be coming to Game Spot in the future. The authors (authors see below for instrux) will include the title, type, and author of an upcoming post. That way you know what to expect! I hope you all enjoy this new feature

For Authors: Edit the ‘Upcoming Posts’ page with the name and type of post (e.g. Battlefront Gameplay) followed by the author of an upcoming post.